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Hour of Code


Cerner sponsored an Hour of Code with Girls in Tech.  I helped girls write code and solve puzzles as well as told them my story of how I got started in Technology and what I do today.  This really excited me about working with Girls in Tech.

Girl App Camp


I spent a week and half working with Middle School and High School girls in Kanas City.  During a week long app camp they created fun apps to teach them how to write their own android apps.  I enjoyed working with the girls and helping them brainstorm ideas and ways to improve their apps.  They had great idea and amazed me at how quickly they learned making the apps.  It was encouraging and help them learn the fundamentals of coding.

The Intern Year


My story started with a loud request for help.  My request was heard and I met my two interns. They were shy, high school seniors just entering into a work program.  They had been taught the basic offices skills for Technology and Accounting.  I did not know at the time that I was receiving to great workers, ready to learn and absorb all they could take in. I introduced them to the Assets Department and all the ins and outs of laptop.  I showed them repair, imaging and why it is important to protect your data.  They learned additional office skills such as Skye for Business and how to write an e-mail using Outlook.  Their laptops needed to be upgraded while they were here going from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, they took to it easliy.  As my year started to wind down with my interns, they presented a program called a year in review. I found out during that time they were from Genesysworks and Stem program here in the City of Chicago. Genesysworks helps their group by teaching and mentoring them into the work force and College focused on Technology and Accounting.  Both girls are planning on attending college and Armonie is now looking at a career in Technology and excited to learn about programming.  Cindy is undecided at this time but knows after working here there are many wonderful opportunities for her to choose from. I know both girls will do well in their future, I can hardly wait to see what Armonie creates in programming.

Girls Scouts of New Mexico Trails STEM Camporee


600 girls and their families attended an all-day event that highlighted fun and hands-on STEM activities. Girls got to run across a non-Newtonian fluid, stargaze, observe our Sun, play with electronic musical instruments, inspect the microscopic world, and so much more. The Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails host the STEM Camporee annually and it is open to girls of all ages.