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STEM Facts on Women & Girls

A Gender Gap Exists in STEM Major/Career Interests

  • Female high school students are significantly less likely than their male counterparts to have plans to pursue a college major or career in STEM (15% vs. 44%).

  • Male students are about 8 times more likely to say they plan to pursue a career in Engineering or Technology than female students.

  • 80% of female students interested in a STEM major or career plan to specifically pursue the Sciences, compared to only 30% of male students interested in a STEM major.

Educators Identify the Need for Mentoring Relationships

  • One out of 3 educators report they had a mentor relationship with a teacher in their high school.

  • Nearly 60% of educators see their students struggling with motivation, support or confidence in planning for college.

  • 59% of educators believing mentoring/motivational programs would help students prepare for their futures.

The Desire Exists for Mentorship among Female Students

  • One out of 4 female students report their greatest challenges in attending college are confidence, motivation, or support.

  • Only 4% of female students interested in pursuing STEM were encouraged to do so by a mentor.

  • Twenty percent of current female high school students interested in a STEM discipline say they would like to learn more about mentoring and motivational programs to help prepare them for the future.

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