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Keystone Science School

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About Keystone Science School

Keystone Science School's Girls in STEM program is aimed to inspire and encourage confidence and leadership in young females in STEM. It incorporates the engineering, design and scientific processes into interactive, engaging activities. Students collaborate with other students to carry out their projects. Female professionals in the STEM-related fields will act as mentors to the students, helping the girls with the projects and challenging them to think critically. Throughout the program students will be involved in reflective conversation and journaling to stimulate inward thought and consideration of their leadership and academic potential. Mentor Roles and Responsibilities (program= 8hrs/day): -Review program curriculum prepared by KSS Staff. -Aid in program facilitation by: shadowing KSS instructors, working with students individually through projects and in small group settings, offering additional information, resources and answers to student's questions and inspire curiosity.

Preferred Mentor Methods:

Face to face


Sponsorship(Championing and making key instructions for mentee)

Preferred Content Area:


IT/Computer Science



STEM Careers

Preferred Age:


Middle school

High school


Young adult