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Girl Scouts of Kentucky's Wilderness Road

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About Girl Scouts of Kentucky's Wilderness Road

I am looking for mentors to participate in the Girl Scouts STEM Outreach Programming for the 2017-2018 school year. We provide a six-week course in underserved schools throughout central Kentucky to girls in Kinderdarten through fifth grade. The goal of our program is to encourage confidence in the girls' STEM abilities so that they can learn more effectively in thier traditional education as well as introducing women in STEM careers and education. The mentor will only need to commit to a one-time, one-hour lesson. This will most likely be an after school program so please expect to be at a school in Fayette or a surrounding county at 2:45 on a weekday. Thank you so much for considering our program! I am invested in the power of representation for the young girls in our community and I hope we can work together to bring them an awareness of local women in STEM fields.

Preferred Mentor Methods:

Face to face

Preferred Content Area:


IT/Computer Science



STEM Careers

Preferred Age: