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Thunder Chicks

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About Thunder Chicks

We are a group of around 20 young girls with a passion for technology, coding, and robotics. We compete every year in the First Tech Challenge but we are indeed a rookie team. Our team started just two years ago and we have gotten far with the little tech knowledge that we have, these past two years we have guided ourselves with youtube tutorials on how to code and build a robot. Our school has seen the tremendous amount of passion and love that we have for our robotics team called Thunder Chicks that next year we will be having an engineering class. Since we will be having more time to work on our robot we hope to grow a much more as a team and hope to branch out and find mentors that are willing to help us through this upcoming 2017-2018 journey.

Preferred Mentor Methods:

Face to face

Workplace mentoring

Preferred Content Area:

IT/Computer Science



STEM Careers

Preferred Age:

High school


Young adult