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Girl in VR

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About Girl in VR

Last summer, I founded a non-profit for women and girls of all ages to find mentorships, workshops, and guidance into STEAM. I saw a lot of support groups for young girls, but not as much for older women looking to change their careers. I recently found your organization because I am myself looking for a mentor. I started going to school for a degree in aerospace engineering and am looking for guidance through my journey. I have an art and business background, but since I started learning to fly airplanes, I fell in love with aviation. After I started school, I also fell in love with math and chemistry. For the first time in years, I feel like I have found my passion. I am still very uncertain about my future... Where I will land? Can I really do this? Am I smart enough? What do I want to focus on?... I feel like a mentor for me will guide me and help me figure out my career as well as give me insight into how I might help others like me in the future with my local non-profit.

Preferred Mentor Methods:

Face to face


Paid internships

Workplace mentoring


Sponsorship(Championing and making key instructions for mentee)

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