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St. Thomas More High School

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About St. Thomas More High School

Our goal is to provide encouragement and accountability for our students as they learn what it means to be servant leaders, starting with goals that they are setting for this year! This is the second year of a four year curriculum focused on growing as compassionate leaders for others. Expectations include: Communicating with students monthly through whatever combination of meetings, phone calls, and emails works best for your schedules. To model good communication and encourage a strong mentor relationship from the start, we are asking mentors to initiate contact, starting in late September. Starting in January, we will give students starter questions and want to shift responsibility on them to initiate conversation, as well as to be proactive in scheduling times to talk. Writing a (surprise!) letter of encouragement for your mentee to receive during their Sophomore Retreat in late February. Completing a simple background check.

Preferred Mentor Methods:

Face to face

Workplace mentoring


Preferred Content Area:


IT/Computer Science



STEM Careers

Preferred Age:


Young adult