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Need an In-Class STEM Coach?

Jan 16,2017

Imagine Tom Brady’s first day of practice as a quarterback: perhaps he misses a snap and gets sacked and probably throws a few interceptions and fumbles once. So how does this awkward start eventually transform so that Brady becomes one of the most successful quarterbacks in the NFL?

Practice and coaching (for academics – mentoring).

Students in extracurricular activities often have coaches, yet it is students in classrooms who are most in need of the motivation and support that coaches can provide. Fluor employees are trying to change this within the Fort Bend Independent School District. Fluor piloted the program at Austin High School during the spring semester of 2016 with engineers going into the classroom and acting as a teacher’s aide in science and math classes.   STEM coaches this school year in Algebra 1, Algebra II, Geometry, Chemistry, and Physics during 5th period every Thursday are going to Austin High School, Dulles High School, and Kempner High School.  Jennifer Nicholas, principal at Dulles High School said, “I think this is a wonderful program and way for students to gain real-life experiences.  Any time we have people who currently work in industries come work or speak with our students, it helps to reinforce to our students that what they are learning is meaningful. “

Not only are the students getting an academic help, they are also getting career awareness.  The mentors talk to the students about how the concepts they are learning in their classroom relate to the work they do at Flour. Mr. Edgar Huerta, a teacher at Kempner High School, said,” I think that the mentor from Fluor Daniel is exactly what my kids need to see in class because she relates very well to the kids about her job and her experiences that led to her job.  She is a real life model of what my kids can achieve. Hearing information from her is more impactful than hearing it from me or their parents.”

The Fluor mentors are helping Texas in its pledge of 20,000 mentors to the Million Women Mentors ( effort. The MWM movement seeks to garner one million mentors in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) professions during the next four years to collectively increase the interest and confidence of girls and young women in these academic areas. For more information about this program or how to start one in your school district, please contact Dr. Asha Vaidya at


Pictured:  Top Row - Left to Right: Gautam Sane, Kevin Land, Arpan Bhakta, Robert Fausett
Bottom Row - Left to Right: Linda Tu, Trang Nguyen, 
Joyee Guin, Linh Nguyen
Not Pictures: Paul Nguyen, Rachel Vaughan, Sneha Dama (coordinator)

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